Current research

Here are some of the projects that I am currently working on, ranging from grant proposals to projects that are still in the field to those for which data analysis and writing are still underway, all the way to papers that are in revise-and-resubmit at various journals

  1. “Can information help reduce imbalanced application of fertilizers in India? Experimental evidence from Bihar” (with Ram Fishman, Jared Gars, Avinash Kishore, and Yoav Rothler).
  2. “Intrahousehold valuation, preference heterogeneity, and demand for an agricultural technology in Bihar, India” (with Kajal Gulati, Travis Lybbert, and David J. Spielman).
  3. “Does identity affect aspirations in rural India? An examination from the lens of caste and gender” (with Muzna Alvi, Simrin Makhija, and David J. Spielman).
  4. “Cooperation and the provision of local public goods in remote rural communities” (with Simrin Makhija, David J. Spielman, and Muzna Alvi).
  5. “Behavioral constraints to the adoption of nutrition-sensitive food production systems” (with Muzna Alvi, Simrin Makhija, and David J. Spielman).
  6. “Market acceptance of gene editing food biotechnology in China: Applications to cadmium contamination in rice and African Swine Fever” (with David L. Ortega and Wen Lin).
  7. “Leveraging network externalities to promote soil conservation and ecosystem services: A randomized evaluation of the impacts of agglomeration payments on the diffusion of conservation agriculture in the Shire River Basin in southern Malawi” (with Andrew R. Bell, Lawrence Mapemba, Klaus Droppelmann, and Tim Benton).
  8. “Bundling technology with insurance: Evidence from a randomized evaluation in Odisha, India” (with David J. Spielman and Simrin Makhija).
  9. “Innovative financial products to relax quantity and risk rationing in access to rural credit in Kenya” (with Liangzhi You, Yanyan Liu, and Apurba Shee).
  10. “Understanding the barriers to agricultural credit for women farmers” (with Berber Kramer).
  11. “Environmental impacts of crop insurance: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Bangladesh.”
  12. “Environmental exposure and Chinese students’ academic performance” (with Junjie Zhang and John Ji).
  13. “Biodiversity and human health impacts of farmer decision-making” (with Randy Kramer and others).
  14. “Using remote sensing for early warning of soil and water pollution” (with Songjia Zhang).
  15. “Conditional cooperation and voluntary contributions to public goods: Evidence from herdsmen’s contribution preferences toward ecological protection in nature reserves in China (with Tianqi Wu and Binbin Li).
  16. “FarmScore: A cluster randomized trial on the impacts of using digital technologies to unlock risk-contingent credit for marginal farmers in Odisha” (with Berber Kramer).